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Here is a picture. The picture triggers the the birth of another picture. The follow-on pictures will come into the world one after another, and some pictures will be born from one piece of picture. This is how it grows like a large, leafy tree.
During the Cambrian geologic period, a big bang of biological evolution occurred and amazingly large numbers of new species emerged. This phenomenon is popularly known as the Cambrian Explosion of Life.
Imagine how it would be if you were one of Cambrian Gods, who were participating in the new species design project.
The Cambrian Game is the game through which your idea involves the other ideas, interacts with other ideas, and transforms itself. The game enables you to generate more diverse ideas than you can possibly do by yourself.
Microcosmos in the Cambrian Game provide you with such experience that you can see how people interact each other and build their own rich culture.


Produced by
Toshihiro ANZAI


Linking sanpo road

Let's take a photograph of scenery, pepole, and things that you see on your favorite sanpo road,(sanpo is Japanese word which means "ramble" or "take a wark") and link them to the other people's road or the road of foreign countries. A view can trigger some view, and the new map which you have never seen before will grow.

Let's get the 2nd SANPO session started!

Before you join the session, please register here.

See the 1st SANPO session (finished)

the matisse machine

Toshihiro ANZAI , Rieko NAKAMURA

The Matisse Machine is a workshop to create a picture with paper cutout technique. A player first selects the picture that he/she likes from the Cambrian Tree, then creates a new picture related to it. Picture will be dropped back to the pool after cutout completion. Other player may discover and recycle the picture from the pool. Matisse Machine is a collaboration machine which consists of both analog and digital circuit.

July 25, 2005 Workshop held at Odaiba (Japanese)
August 15, 2005 Workshop held at Expo site 

The Cambrian Game Series in EXPO 2005 Aichi

The Cambrian Game Series in EXPO 2005 Aichi is a continuous series of Cambrian game sessions with a variety of ideas. The session will be open to anyone. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. The current session is always on display in a screen at Cambrian booth, 2nd floor entrance, Civic Pavillion in Seto Area. Visitors can view details of the tree interactively.

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School Renga 

.D-project + Toshihiro ANZAI , Rieko NAKAMURA

From 2002, we have continuously been running a series of experimental lessons which applies the concept and system of Renga to the real-world classroom. This time, we have launched the Cambrian Map in the Aichi Expo workshop on Aug. 15-16, and linked it to 20 elementary school classrooms. So far, roughly 600 pupils have been involved in the map creation, and the map is still growing.



session design:  Mirei TAKAHASHI

"DIALOGUE WITHOUT WORDS" takes you to your childhood, again. Try to communicate through pictures to explore new world that is full of eye-openers. Click here to Session Page (English)

03 SEIZA - constellation effect

Toshihiro ANZAI , Rieko NAKAMURA

We sometimes feel common thing, such as a wood grain, cloud, or a crack on the road, looks like face of human or some creature. We named it a "constellation effect" . This is a session in which players take a shot of constellation effect and link it each other.

This session is over. 
You can view ,the northern hemisphere 446 leaves + the southern hemisphere 473 leaves
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02@5-7-5 Cambrian

session design: TAMASUDARE

In the 5-7-5 renku session, players create a haiku and link it to the other haiku. The Cambrian Game RENKU links multiple haiku works to a single piece of haiku, and makes it grow into a huge tree of haiku leaves. When players get an inspiration of haiku, they first write down the words on paper, then they take a snapshot of it and submit the picture to the Cambrian Tree. You can imagine the author's personality by their handwritings.

This session is over. 
You can view ,A400 leaves + B400 leaves
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01 Mobile Camera Cambrian Game

Toshihiro ANZAI , Rieko NAKAMURA

Recently it became so common for anyone to carry around mobile cameras in their bags, like pens and notebooks. In this session, players are linking daily snapshots which they took with mobile cameras.

This session is over. 
You can view 405 leaves here 
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Simple Cambrian Game
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